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the challenge

facing youth unemployement in rural africa

Empowering Africa's youth is one of the most pressing challenges facing the African continent today. The youth represent over 75% of the population and although many African countries are experiencing an economic boom, youth employment in Africa is at a crisis stage.

In the past decades, great strides have been made in providing access to education, but not much has been done to match this with providing equal access to employment.

While African youth are attaining higher education levels than ever before, 40 millions of people under the age of 25 are currently out of work. By 2050, they will be 400 million to be in need of sustainable employment.(Source: African Economic Outlook)

A Home to learn, earn & innovate


impact strategy

from education to entrepreneurship

Our program is structured into three subsequent units: "Learning Lions" trains talented and motivated young adults with high value skills in the areas of programming, graphic design and media production.

The students from the educational program are then invited to stay on campus as trainees of "Digital Lions", our fair-trade IT-outsourcing agency. Here, they start working with international customers and gather hands-on business experience.

When the Lions feel confident in the contact with clients, the incubator "Startup Lions" provides them with the necessary funds and tools so that they can launch their own start-up and become economically independent.

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For the Last 5 years at startup lions, we have focused on empowering young people from very vulnerable backgrounds with very little or no opportunities for economic empowerment by creating and developing digital opportunities to young people who some of them have never touched or had access to a computer by enabling them to learn, earn and innovate.

As a result of this we have witnessed lives transformed, dependency ratio reduced and families are slowly increasing their incomes. This is what Startup is all about….the following are testimonials from some of our project beneficiaries



From over 1000 applicant, startup lions have been chosen as one of the four winners, thank you all who voted us

Award of German
Chamber of Commerce in Spain

Thyssenkrupp has selected Learning Lions as
beneficiary NGO as Winner of the Excellence Award
of the German Chamber of Commerce
for Spain. We are most grateful!


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