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At Learning Lions we educate young people, from impoverished and isolated areas of East Africa, in IT and business skills. Our aim is that they achieve economic independence, through their own effort and work, by selling digital products on online outsourcing platforms. We show them a clear path to follow, and support them all the way. In doing so, they can join the global digital economy to earn a living and, at the same time, boost their communities.

In these first years of existence, we have achieved proof-of-concept for our educational and empowerment program. And we have seen the power of digital literacy to change lives, first hand. Now is the time to scale up in Turkana and beyond. We can do more: offer digital vocational training for more and larger cohorts of talented individuals. There are many waiting to enter the program. You can help us to make it happen. Thank you!

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asante sana-thank you very much for your support!


“I am grateful to the donors of Learning Lions that has allowed it to bring a big change in my community."

mourine apuu

front-end developer, photographer and it coach